McConnell leaves rehab facility after therapy for concussion

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, announced on Saturday that he has completed his physical therapy for a concussion resulting from a fall earlier this month and has been discharged from the rehabilitation facility.

He mentioned in a statement from his office that he will continue to work remotely from home for the next few days, the New York Post reported.

The Senate is set to go on break during the weeks of April 3 and April 10. McConnell sustained a rib fracture in addition to the concussion while he was at a dinner on March 8 following a campaign committee reception held at a hotel associated with him.

Following his hospitalization on March 13, he was advised by his doctor to relocate to an inpatient rehabilitation facility where he could undergo physical therapy and make further progress in his recovery.

“I’m going to follow the advice of my physical therapists and spend the next few days working for Kentuckians and the Republican Conference from home,” McConnell said in the statement. “I’m in frequent touch with my Senate colleagues and my staff. I look forward to returning in person to the Senate soon.”

Written by staff