Russia officially charges Wall Street Journal reporter Gershkovich with spying

Photo: AFP (Fair Use)

Today, Russia formally accused Evan Gershkovich, a 31-year-old American journalist from the Wall Street Journal, of spying. Gershkovich was taken into custody on March 29 in Yekaterinburg, the country’s fourth-largest city.

The US journalist has been officially charged with espionage by Russia. The accusations against him include collecting information on the activities of a Russian military-industrial enterprise that constitutes a state secret, allegedly under the instruction of the American side.

The Wall Street Journal reporter is viewed by many as a target of repression under Vladimir Putin’s regime, the Mirror reported.

His colleagues claim that he was conducting legitimate journalism when he was detained by the FSB security service. If found guilty, he could be imprisoned for up to 20 years.

Written by staff