Russia’s Putin prepares for an invasion of Crimea

Photo: East2West News (Fair Use)

Extensive barricades and trenches have been constructed on beaches and near vital access points in Crimea, suggesting that Vladimir Putin is apprehensive about losing the peninsula he annexed in 2014.

The significant number of defenses erected to prevent a potential sea or land invasion reveals the magnitude of the concern, the Daily Mail reported.

In strategic Ak-Monai, located next to the Taurida highway, occupying Russian forces have placed tank traps known as “Dragon’s teeth” to impede any Ukrainian attempt to recapture the peninsula that Putin took in 2014.

In order to defend against a possible Ukrainian counteroffensive as part of an anticipated Kyiv counteroffensive, Putin has acknowledged that he must devastate the area’s significant tourism industry this summer.

The magnitude of the plan is evident from both satellite images and ground-level photographs.

The most acute defense measures are being implemented along the northern coastlines of Crimea, indicating that Putin’s military commanders perceive the peninsula as highly vulnerable.

Defensive artillery positions have been established to reinforce these measures, as reported by the Daily Mail.

This heightened defense comes in the wake of a missile launched from Ukrainian-held territory being intercepted over the Black Sea town of Feodosia, Crimea, earlier today.

Written by staff