Russia’s 45-mile-long ‘mega trench’ as troops prepare for Ukrainian counterattack

Photo: GJIN Ukraine / East2West News (Fair Use)

As Kyiv’s armies prepare for a counteroffensive, Vladimir Putin’s forces are constructing a massive trench across Ukraine’s invaded region of Zaporizhzhia.

The scar created by this trench, which is currently 45 miles in length and visible from space, is an effort to maintain control over this strategic area, the Daily Mail reported.

Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine last year, and he now appears deeply concerned about the potential for Ukraine to reclaim parts of the territory, prompting this defensive measure.

The current frontline lies nearly 50 miles ahead of the massive trench that Russian forces are building, underscoring their apprehension about the potential for their positions to be pushed back further.

The Ukrainian Centre for Journalistic Investigations brought attention to the construction of this “mega-trench.”

Written by staff