AP: Dozens killed as army, rivals battle for control of Sudan

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

The Sudanese military and a powerful paramilitary group continued their battle for control of the country on Sunday, indicating their unwillingness to halt hostilities despite growing diplomatic pressure to cease fire.

The fighting, which involved armored vehicles, truck-mounted machine guns, and warplanes, raged heavily in Khartoum, the capital, as well as in the adjacent city of Omdurman and flashpoints throughout the nation.

It is believed that each of the opposing forces has tens of thousands of fighters in the capital alone, the Associated Press reported.

The Sudan Doctors’ Syndicate announced on Monday that at least 41 civilians were killed on Sunday, bringing the total death toll over the two-day period to 97.

The group further stated that hundreds of people had been wounded since the fighting erupted on Saturday. Additionally, dozens of fighters are thought to have been killed.

The clashes are a result of a power struggle between General Abdel-Fattah Burhan, the armed forces commander, and General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, the leader of the Rapid Support Forces group.

The two generals, who jointly orchestrated a military coup in October 2021 that derailed Sudan’s brief transition to democracy, were once allies.

Written by staff