Black teen shot after ringing the wrong doorbell while picking up his siblings

Photo: GoFundMe (Fair Use)

According to officials in Kansas City, Missouri, an investigation is underway after a Black teenager was shot by a homeowner on Thursday.

The 16-year-old had mistakenly rung the doorbell of the wrong home while trying to pick up his siblings at a residence in the 1100 block of Northeast 115th Street, instead of the 1100 block of Northeast 115th Terrace, and was shot twice in the head and arm.

The family’s attorneys, prominent civil rights lawyers Ben Crump and Lee Merritt, have called on Kansas City officials to arrest and prosecute the shooter to the fullest extent of the law, Today reported.

The victim has been identified as Ralph Paul Yarl, and police have described the shooter as a white man.

Yarl is currently in stable condition following the shooting, and the alleged suspect was taken into custody for 24 hours before being released in accordance with Missouri state law.

Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves addressed the incident during a press conference on Sunday.

According to Graves, the majority of felony suspects are typically released within 24 hours while investigations are still ongoing, and many of them are later re-arrested once enough evidence is collected to press charges.

Graves also confirmed that a firearm was found at the scene and has been taken as evidence. However, officials have not yet disclosed the identity of the alleged suspect.

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