Texas cheerleaders shot after one allegedly mistook suspect’s car for her own

Photo: Instagram / Fox News (Fair Use)

A high school cheerleader from Texas, who was part of the All-Star team, is presently in critical condition following an altercation in a grocery store parking lot.

According to reports, Payton Washington and her three fellow cheerleaders were shot at by a man during the confrontation, Fox News reported.

On April 17, after midnight, the Stony Point High School cheerleaders were returning from a cheer practice session at Woodlands Elite in Woodlands, Texas. The girls had left their cars in the H-E-B parking lot and were traveling together to a cheerleading competition.

Reportedly, Heather Roth mistakenly attempted to enter a car that was not hers, thinking it was her own. She only realized her error when she noticed a man in the passenger seat and subsequently turned away to find her actual vehicle.

As per authorities, Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr., aged 25, was present in the other car during the altercation and was armed with a gun. He allegedly fired several shots at the girls after a brief dispute.

During the incident, Roth suffered a minor injury from a grazing bullet, while Washington was shot in the leg and back. One of the cheerleaders received treatment and was released at the scene.

However, Washington had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital and is currently recuperating in the ICU, as reported by Fox News.

Rodriguez was taken into custody by the Elgin Police Department on Tuesday, April 18, and was charged with deadly conduct. However, there is a possibility of additional charges being filed against him.

The police department stated that Rodriguez fled the H-E-B parking lot following the shooting, and the officers worked tirelessly throughout the night to track him down.

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