Hunter Biden lawyers meet with Justice Department

Photo: ABC News (Fair Use)

On Wednesday, attorneys representing Hunter Biden had a meeting with officials from the Justice Department to address the ongoing criminal investigation involving the son of the president.

Among the legal representatives present was Chris Clark, Hunter Biden’s trusted lawyer, accompanied by a team of attorneys.

CNN reported witnessing their arrival at the Justice Department headquarters early on Wednesday. When approached for comment afterwards, Clark chose not to provide any statements.

According to a reliable source, the meeting included representatives from the tax division of the Justice Department and the Delaware US attorney’s office.

It is worth noting that the tax division is currently led by a career DOJ lawyer, as a Senate-confirmed appointee for the position is yet to be finalized.

The oversight of the investigation into Hunter Biden has been under the responsibility of David Weiss, who was appointed as the US Attorney for Delaware during the Trump administration.

Recently, the legal team representing Hunter Biden reached out to officials at the Justice Department, seeking an update on the progress of the case.

This information was disclosed by a source familiar with the aforementioned meeting, as reported by CNN.

Following a thorough examination last year, prosecutors have narrowed down the potential charges that Hunter Biden could potentially face.

However, there have been no public developments or announcements regarding the case since then.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation have indicated that prosecutors are currently evaluating whether to pursue two misdemeanor charges for failure to file taxes, one count of felony tax evasion pertaining to the overreporting of expenses, and a false statement charge in relation to a gun purchase.

Written by staff