U.S. military is tracking another mysterious balloon

According to three U.S. officials, the U.S. military is currently monitoring an enigmatic balloon that traversed American airspace. The origin and ownership of the balloon remain uncertain.

The balloon’s trajectory included parts of Hawaii, but it carefully avoided any sensitive locations, as stated by the officials, NBC News reported.

Tracking efforts have been ongoing since the previous week, and the military has concluded that it does not pose a threat to aerial traffic, national security, or emit any communicative signals, according to one official.

While its exact nature, be it a weather balloon or something else, remains ambiguous, the officials mentioned that if the balloon approaches land, the United States may take measures to intercept it.

It should be noted that the object exhibits no apparent maneuvering capabilities and is gradually progressing in the direction of Mexico, according to the officials.

While U.S. officials have ruled out Chinese ownership of the balloon, efforts are underway to ascertain its true owner.

When approached for information regarding the object, a spokesperson from the National Security Council directed inquiries to the Defense Department.

However, at the time of this request for comment, the Defense Department has not yet responded.

Written by staff