British fighters scrambled to intercept Russian jets off Scottish coast

Photo: Getty Images (Fair Use)

On Sunday, a Russian military aircraft identified as a Tu-142 Maritime Patrol, also known as a Bear-F by NATO, was detected operating in close proximity to UK airspace, flying over the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean from the North-East in international airspace.

As a response, Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters stationed in Scotland were deployed to intercept the aircraft, the Express reported.

In addition, Norwegian F-35A fighter jets were dispatched to monitor the Russian threat, as part of NATO’s efforts to respond to such incidents.

During the incident, the Russian military plane did not enter UK sovereign airspace.

The swift response of deploying Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters from Scotland and Norwegian F-35A fighter jets to monitor the situation demonstrated the effectiveness of the close working relationships among NATO allies, according to an RAF Typhoon pilot.

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