King Charles adorned in glittering gold robes worn by ancestors

Photo: PA (Fair Use)

In an upcoming ceremony, Charles is set to wear the same glittering robes worn by his ancestors, earning him the moniker of “Golden King.”

These Coronation vestments, which were previously only seen in black and white on television, will be on full display during the event, the Daily Sun reports.

During the ceremony, the monarch will wear a single white Coronation Glove on his right hand to hold the Sceptre. Some have humorously compared it to the single glove worn by pop legend Michael Jackson.

After being privately anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Charles will be dressed in the Colobium Sindonis, a sleeveless linen tunic symbolizing purity and simplicity.

He will then don the Supertunica, a 2kg sleeved coat of gold silk that was originally created for his great-grandfather George V in 1911 and has been worn at successive Coronations, including those of George VI in 1937 and Elizabeth II in 1953.

Over the Supertunica, Charles will be draped with a 3 to 4kg floor-length gold cloak called the Imperial Mantle, which was made for King George IV in 1821.

These priceless Coronation vestments are typically kept in the Tower of London.

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