AI police robot tipped to become future of policing in America

Photo: Knightscope (Fair Use)

A cutting-edge AI police robot is poised to have a transformative impact on law enforcement in America, according to reports.

This new technology is being introduced to proactively combat crime and has already played a vital role in apprehending a hit-and-run suspect and capturing a sexual predator, UNILAD reported.

Resembling a modern-day Dalek, this innovative gadget is expected to revolutionize policing in the United States.

However, while many see the potential benefits of a real-life RoboCop, some members of the public express reservations about the use of such technology.

Standing at a modest five feet tall, the crime-fighting robot incorporates artificial intelligence to assist overburdened police officers in combating crime on American streets.

Sporting the sleek designation of K5, this cutting-edge addition to the police force seems straight out of a popular science fiction film.

Written by staff