Henry Kissinger, A Resilient Figure in Global Affairs, Shares Insights on Current Crises

Photo: Screen Shot / CBS News (Fair Use)

In a recent interview with CBS News, Henry Kissinger, despite his age and health challenges, remains an active and influential figure in global affairs. The 98-year-old diplomat, who is hard of hearing, blind in one eye, and has undergone multiple heart surgeries, astonishingly continues to work about 15 hours a day, defying expectations.

During the interview conducted by Ted Koppel, Kissinger expressed confidence that leaders like President Xi Jinping of China and President Vladimir Putin of Russia would still take his call if he were to reach out. Kissinger’s vast experience and expertise make him a valuable advisor, willing to engage in diplomatic conversations if called upon.

When asked by Koppel if he would consider flying to Moscow to talk to Putin, Kissinger affirmed his inclination to do so, emphasizing his role as an advisor rather than an active participant. Koppel humorously clarified that he was not suggesting reinstating Kissinger as Secretary of State, to which Kissinger concurred, recognizing his advisory position.

Kissinger’s long career and his association with numerous U.S. presidents are evident in the photographs that surround him, underscoring his substantial contributions and validating the adage, “If you can do it, it ain’t braggin’.” In discussing the current crisis in Ukraine, Kissinger suggested that with China’s involvement in negotiations, the situation could reach a turning point by the end of the year, possibly leading to negotiations and resolution.

Approaching his 100th birthday, Kissinger shared his skepticism about older individuals running for the presidency, emphasizing the physical capacity and limitations that come with age. He acknowledged that maturity brings advantages but also warned about the dangers of exhaustion and limited work capacity.

Despite his age and health challenges, Henry Kissinger remains an influential and relevant figure in global affairs, offering insights and perspectives that continue to shape discussions on critical issues facing the world today.

Written by B.C. Begley