Ukraine says it downed Russian hypersonic missiles during ‘exceptional’ air attack on Kyiv

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

Officials have reported that Ukrainian air defenses, fortified by advanced Western-supplied systems, successfully repelled a fierce Russian air assault on Kyiv early Tuesday.

The capital city remained unscathed as all missiles directed towards it were intercepted and shot down, according to officials, the Associated Press has reported.

The attack, which targeted multiple locations across Ukraine, involved the firing of six Russian Kinzhal aero-ballistic hypersonic missiles.

This marked the highest number of Kinzhal missiles launched in a single attack during the ongoing conflict, as stated by Yurii Ihnat, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian air force.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has consistently emphasized the strategic advantage and advanced capabilities of the Kinzhal missiles, considering them among the most sophisticated weapons in Russia’s arsenal.

These missiles possess hypersonic speed and exceptional maneuverability, making them challenging to detect and intercept, as reported by the AP.

If Ukraine’s claim of successfully downing all six missiles is verified, it would signify yet another setback for Putin’s military operations and underscore the growing effectiveness of Ukraine’s air defenses.

Written by staff