Hebrew Bible Sells for $38 Million

Photo: SOTHEBY’S (Fair Use)

On Wednesday, Sotheby’s conducted the sale of a remarkable Hebrew manuscript that dates back approximately 1,100 years, achieving a staggering price of $38.1 million.

This sale positioned the manuscript as the second-most expensive historical document ever auctione, Wall Street Journal reported.

The weighty book, totaling 26 pounds, consists of 396 pages of parchment, stacked five inches high. The auction witnessed a brief but intense competition lasting five minutes, primarily between two telephone bidders.

Although the final price, including Sotheby’s fees, fell short of surpassing the existing record held by billionaire Ken Griffin’s $43.2 million purchase of a copy of the U.S. Constitution two years ago.

The buyer of the manuscript is the American Friends of the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv, who have expressed their intention to gift the work to the museum, as confirmed by Sotheby’s.

Chair of the museum’s board of directors, Irina Nevzlin, stated, “We wanted it to come home.” She further explained that the museum had a strong desire to possess the codex after showcasing it for a week in March, where it captivated the public’s attention and garnered significant popularity.

Written by staff