Chicago suburb cancels Armed Forces Carnival after ‘flash mob’ of 400 teens devolves into fights, chaos

Photo: Screen Shot / Fox News (Fair Use)

Officials have reported a disturbing incident in a suburb outside of Chicago, where a “flash mob” of approximately 400 teenagers caused chaos and violence, resulting in the cancellation of the Armed Forces Carnival on Saturday.

The turmoil erupted in Tinley Park when hundreds of teenagers responded to a social media invitation to gather at the carnival located near the 80th Avenue train station, Fox News has reported.

They proceeded to engage in fights and disruptive behavior, aiming to create chaos and disrupt the event, according to town officials.

In response to the incident, the village posted on Facebook, announcing the cancellation of the carnival’s final day due to safety concerns arising from the flash mob occurrence.

Videos shared on social media capture the scene of the mob, with teenagers jumping on cars, running through parking lots, and engaging in brawls while police officers attempted to restore order.

During the intervention, a Tinley Park police officer sustained injuries while trying to break up one of the fights.

The town has reported that the officer received medical treatment and was released from the hospital on Saturday evening.

Written by staff