Cancun Banning ‘Narco’ Concerts as Violence Soars

Photo: Fox News (Fair Use)

Due to the escalating crime rates in the renowned tourist destination of Cancun, the local government has made the decision to prohibit concerts by certain highly popular musicians, citing their perceived promotion of violence.

Concerts featuring Alfredo Ríos, widely known as El Komander, and the band Grupo Firme have been canceled in Cancun, Vice News reported.

Both El Komander and Grupo Firme are prominent figures in the immensely popular subgenre of narcocorrido, a traditional style of Mexican folk ballad that narrates the lives and exploits of drug traffickers.

In a video statement posted on Twitter, Jorge Aguilar Osorio, the general secretary of the Cancun City Council, announced the ban on concerts and expressed the city’s stance on promoting violence.

He emphasized the importance of respecting freedom of expression but highlighted the need to discourage events that endorse violence.

“We cannot allow the promotion of violence to continue unchecked. While we value freedom of expression, it is crucial that public shows do not endorse any form of violence. Unfortunately, incidents have occurred consistently during such concerts,” stated Aguilar Osorio.

Written by staff