House Reps leave town with no debt ceiling deal

Photo: Wikimedia Commons CC (Fair Use)

Ahead of a looming risk of a debt default, House lawmakers are departing Washington for an extended holiday weekend on Thursday afternoon.

Despite negotiators claiming progress in their efforts to reach a deal that would avert a default next week, there was no sign of an imminent agreement on Thursday, the Hill reported.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated that both sides had yet to reach a consensus, acknowledging the challenges of ongoing discussions with the White House throughout the day.

McCarthy emphasized the importance of reaching an agreement that truly serves the interests of the American people, underscoring the time and effort required to achieve such a result.

Speaker of the House, who plans to work from the Capitol over the weekend, echoed the sentiment that significant issues still need to be resolved and acknowledged the need for further time to reach a resolution.

Representative Patrick McHenry, a key ally of Speaker McCarthy and a negotiator in spending talks with the White House, expressed that both teams recognize the seriousness of the outstanding matters that need to be addressed and reconciled, indicating that additional time will be necessary.

Written by staff