Ex-ice cream truck driver who killed 2 brothers sentenced to life

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

After more than 12 years since the tragic attack, a former ice cream truck driver who was found guilty of killing two individuals and causing severe injuries to four others in a 2010 shooting in Florida has been sentenced to life in prison on Friday.

Michael Keetley, who had been convicted in March of two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder, received his sentence from Judge Christopher Sabella, NBC News reported.

Acknowledging the arduous and lengthy nature of the case, Judge Sabella remarked, “This has been a very long road and a very difficult case.”

He further emphasized that the sentence demonstrates to the victims that justice may not always be swift, but it is eventually served.

The 52-year-old Keetley was sentenced to life in prison for each of the six counts he faced, ensuring that parole would not be an option.

The incident occurred in November 2010 on Thanksgiving, when Juan Guitron, 28, and Sergio Guitron, 22, were tragically shot and killed on the front porch of a residence in Ruskin, Florida.

Additionally, four other individuals sustained severe injuries as a result of the shooting.

Written by staff