Serbia puts troop on high alert on border with Kosovo following clashes

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

Following clashes between ethnic Serbs and Kosovo police that resulted in injuries on both sides, Serbia has placed its troops on the border with Kosovo on the highest state of alert as of Friday.

The conflict arose when ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo, who constitute a majority in the region, attempted to block the entrance of municipal buildings to prevent newly elected ethnic Albanian officials from accessing them, the Associated Press reports.

The situation escalated with the police deploying tear gas and several vehicles being set on fire. In response to these clashes, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic declared that he had elevated the army to the “highest state of alert.”

Vucic further stated that he had given orders for an “urgent” deployment of Serbian troops closer to the border with Kosovo.

Additionally, Vucic is scheduled to attend a rally in Belgrade, demonstrating support for him in the aftermath of two mass shootings earlier in the month that claimed the lives of 18 individuals and left 20 others wounded.

Citing the “violence” against Kosovo Serbs, Vucic emphasized that Serbia demanded the protection of these individuals from the Kosovo police by the NATO-led troops stationed in Kosovo.

Written by staff