Passenger Opens Plane Door During Flight

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

During a flight in South Korea on Friday, a passenger took the initiative to open an emergency exit door, resulting in a rush of air into the cabin and causing minor injuries to 12 individuals, according to officials. Fortunately, the aircraft landed safely.

The Transport Ministry reported that several passengers aboard the Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 made efforts to restrain the individual, who managed to partially open the door, the Associated Press reported.

Following the incident, the person was apprehended by airport police for allegedly violating the aviation security law, as stated in a ministry press release.

The identity and motive of the individual have not yet been disclosed. The aviation security law prohibits passengers from tampering with exit doors and other onboard equipment, with potential penalties of up to 10 years of imprisonment, according to the ministry.

The flight, carrying 194 people, was en route from the southern island of Jeju to the southeastern city of Daegu.

Written by staff