The number of deaths in the Italy shipwreck has increased to 62

Valeria Ferraro, Associated Press (Fair Use)

The death toll in the Calabria region of Italy has risen to 62 after rescuers retrieved two more bodies from the sea. The victims were on board a wooden sailing boat carrying refugees that crashed into rocks.

Following the boat accident off the coast of Italy’s Calabria region on Sunday, many victims’ bodies, including children, were recovered either washed up on a tourist beach in Steccato di Cutro or at sea, the Guardian reports.

On Monday morning, provincial officials reported that the death toll from the tragedy off the coast of Italy’s Calabria region had increased to 62 from 59 on Sunday. Of the 80 people rescued, 20 were taken to the hospital.

“Some survivors say there were 120 onboard the boat; others say 200,” said Sergio Tedesco, the commander of the local police force. “The numbers are difficult to establish, we just have to wait. Maybe when the sea is calmer it might return more bodies, even after a week.”

The boat wreckage, which is said to have broken in two, is scattered along the coast, along with the personal belongings of its passengers such as shoes, backpacks, and a child’s rubber float, as reported by the Guardian.

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