Floods Strike Malaysia Causing 4 Fatalities and 40,000 Evacuees

Photo: Getty Images (Fair Use)

At least four people have lost their lives and over 40,000 individuals have been displaced due to the seasonal floods in Malaysia, prompting rescue efforts in affected regions.

On Saturday, state officials in Johor confirmed several fatalities, including that of a man who was caught in a car that was carried away by surging floodwaters, CNN reported.

Rescue personnel and volunteers captured footage in various towns throughout the southern state, revealing clusters of individuals stranded on rooftops as their submerged homes vanished.

The National Flood Disaster Agency shared visuals of rescuers navigating through waist-deep waters to save those confined within their residences. A rescue worker was also observed carrying a baby in a bucket to secure ground.

Other images showed flooded roads and forests and vehicles submerged in muddy water, as reported by CNN.

Similar to several of its Southeast Asian counterparts, Malaysia is prone to seasonal floods. Singapore, its neighboring country, has experienced heavy and persistent rainfall since February.

Written by staff