Cartel says sorry; 5 assassins tied up, dumped in street, apology note left

Photo: Daily Mail (Fair Use)

Narcotics leaders have tied up and left in the street five assassins belonging to the Gulf Cartel who abducted four Americans and murdered two of them, the Daily Mail reported.

On Wednesday night, the suspects were apprehended in the heart of the border city Matamoros, along with a truck that was employed during the kidnapping. As they were arrested, the suspects could be seen smirking in the pictures.

The henchmen received a note written in Spanish from their leaders, apologizing for the deaths and asserting their willingness to surrender the individuals responsible, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The leaders of the cartel denounced the assault, stating that the attackers were members of the Scorpions, a notorious breakaway faction, who acted outside of the organization’s rules.

They added that they “condemn” the attack and asserted that their group, the CDG, has always maintained respect for the lives and safety of the innocent.

Written by staff