Experiments on animals to replicate ‘Havana Syndrome’ being financed by Pentagon

Photo: Stock (Fair Use)

According to public records and three sources familiar with the matter, the Defense Department is financing animal experiments to investigate whether radio frequency waves could be the cause of the perplexing illness known as “Havana Syndrome,” which has impacted numerous U.S. government personnel in the past few years.

POLITICO has revealed that animal testing to investigate the matter has been ongoing, which was not previously disclosed. This follows the conclusion by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence last week that there is no credible proof of a foreign adversary utilizing a weapon to cause the health conditions.

Despite the assessment, the Pentagon is persisting with the investigation of the possibility, as previously reported by POLITICO.

As per the information on USASpending.gov, the Army awarded a $750,000 grant to Wayne State University in Michigan in September to research the impact of radio frequency waves on ferrets, whose brains resemble those of humans.

The research intends to examine whether such exposure produces symptoms akin to those encountered by U.S. government personnel in Havana, Cuba, and China.

Written by staff