FBI claims people were unknowingly implanted with counterfeit medical devices, part of medical scam

Photo: PIxabay CC (Fair Use)

The former CEO of the company responsible for producing counterfeit medical devices has been charged with fraud after allegedly implanting chronic pain patients with fake pieces of plastic, claiming it would alleviate their pain.

On Thursday, Laura Perryman, the ex-CEO of Stimwave LLC, was apprehended in Florida. An FBI press release stated that Perryman had been indicted for her involvement, “in connection with a scheme to create and sell a non-functioning dummy medical device for implantation into patients suffering from chronic pain, resulting in millions of dollars in losses to federal healthcare programs.”

The indictment alleges that patients were subjected to needless implantation procedures as a result of the deception, Vice News reported.

Perryman faces two charges – one of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and health care fraud, and another of healthcare fraud. Engadget reported that Stimwave had obtained FDA clearance in 2014 and was marketed as a substitute for opioids to alleviate pain.

Written by staff