US B-52s intercepted by Russian fighter jet

Photo: East2West (Fair Use)

A Russian fighter jet was deployed to intercept two US nuclear bombers, while Russian Tu-95 Bear nuclear bombers were ordered to take off by Vladimir Putin, as seen in footage from the Su-35 flying alongside one of the B-52s.

This display of military power highlights the tension between the two nations, the Sun has reported.

Since the drone clash, this was the first encounter between US and Russian planes. Prior to being intercepted by Putin’s planes, a photo showed the B-52s being accompanied by Polish F-16 jets over the Baltic Sea.

This event occurred after Russian fighter jets dumped fuel on a US Reaper drone, causing it to crash into the Black Sea. According to the Russian defense ministry, their radar detected two US Air Force B-52H bombers which were identified and subsequently intercepted by a Su-35 fighter jet in order to prevent a border violation.

This incident marks a continuation of tensions between the two nations.

Written by staff