Shooting targets founder of liberal TN news site

Photo: Screen Shot (Fair Use)

On Wednesday, Justin Kanew, the creator of the Tennessee Holler, a news platform with progressive views, reported on Twitter that his residence had been shot at over the weekend.

He stated that while his family was asleep on Saturday night, numerous bullets had hit his home in Williamson County.

“Someone targeted our home,” Kanew said in a statement. “This violence has no place in a civilized society and we are thankful no one was physically hurt.”

“We do not know for sure the reason for this attack,” he added, noting the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office was investigating, as reported by the Tennessee Outlook.

Kanew has gained recognition for his rigorous monitoring of Republican activities at the Tennessee Capitol, frequently using his mobile device to record GOP legislators and interrogate them.

The Republicans commonly label Kanew as a liberal activist.

Written by staff