Massive volcanic eruption in Russia

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

An ash cloud spreading for hundreds of miles caused day to turn into dark night in eastern Russia following a major eruption of the Shiveluch volcano in the Kamchatka region.

Videos depict a doomsday-like scenario, where the snow turned black due to the outpouring, the Mirror reported.

According to reports, the ash plume from the eruption rose 12 miles into the sky, resulting in a red aviation warning, which is the highest category.

The darkness caused by the eruption covered an area of 41,700 square miles, larger than the combined area of Scotland and Wales.

According to locals in the village of Klyuchi near the eruption, the volcano is known to be active, but the ash cloud from this recent eruption was the largest in at least 60 years.

The region was also struck by a 4.5 magnitude earthquake, with its epicentre in the waters of Avacha Bay.

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