Musk says he’ll create ‘TruthGPT’ to counter AI ‘bias’

Photo: Fox News (Fair Use)

Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Twitter, has once again expressed concerns over the potential dangers of artificial intelligence to humanity. He has also accused a popular chatbot of having a liberal bias and announced his plan to create an alternative called “TruthGPT.”

Musk revealed this information during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, which was broadcast on Monday night. According to Musk, TruthGPT will be a “maximum truth-seeking AI” that aims to comprehend the universe’s nature, the Associated Press reported.

He believes that an AI that seeks to understand humanity is less likely to pose a threat to it. Additionally, Musk expressed apprehension that ChatGPT is being trained to be politically correct.

During the initial part of his conversation with Carlson, Musk expressed his support for the regulation of artificial intelligence, stating that he is a “big fan” of it.

He went on to claim that AI is “more perilous” than vehicles or rockets and that it holds the capability to bring about humanity’s destruction.

Written by staff