Recession already here for many Americans

Photo: PxFuel CC (Fair Use)

While the stock market may be monitoring the possibility of an official economic recession, many Americans are already experiencing financial strain due to higher prices and borrowing expenses compared to a year ago.

A Morning Consult poll released last month revealed that nearly half of the respondents believed that the country was already in a recession, The Hill reported.

The poll also uncovered that approximately 41% of those surveyed had taken measures to bolster their savings, but there were discrepancies based on income.

Respondents from households with annual earnings exceeding $100,000 were more inclined than others to have started preparing for an economic downturn or recession, with 52% reporting that they had begun stockpiling goods or food, reducing expenses, or taking other measures.

In contrast, the poll found that those in households earning less than $50,000 annually were more likely to indicate that they had not yet taken any steps but wished they could.

These findings coincide with a growing sentiment among Americans that the economy is in a precarious state, with rising costs causing financial distress for people at all income levels.

Written by staff