Police say 89 shell casings were found in the deadly Alabama Sweet 16 party

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

During a court hearing, an investigator from Alabama provided a vivid account of a gruesome and chaotic crime scene resulting from a shooting incident at a Sweet Sixteen birthday party.

The scene was described as strewn with 89 bullet casings and various other evidence. Tragically, the shooting claimed the lives of four young individuals and left numerous others injured.

In response, authorities have charged six individuals with reckless murder, NPR reported.

The lead investigator, Special Agent Jess Thornton, took the stand during the hearing, which would determine whether the three adult defendants accused in the shooting would be held without bond.

Separate hearings were scheduled for the three juvenile defendants. As of now, the judge has not reached a decision on the matter.

Agent Thornton testified, painting a graphic picture of the crime scene, which he characterized as unlike anything he had encountered during his 18-year tenure with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

He detailed the presence of multiple shell casings and the pervasive presence of blood throughout the area.

According to Agent Thornton, who provided testimony, shell casings from four different types of handguns were discovered at a dance studio located near Dadeville’s town square, approximately an hour’s drive northeast of Montgomery.

Thornton further revealed that the evidence suggests at least one of the handguns had been modified for rapid firing, leading witnesses to compare the sound to that of a machine gun.

The investigators have refrained from disclosing the motive behind the shooting or providing details regarding the circumstances that may have precipitated the incident, as reported by NPR.

Agent Thornton mentioned that the six defendants have either familial or friendship ties. Although they were not invited to the party, they had traveled from Auburn and Tuskegee to attend the event.

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