Pope speaks of secret peace ‘mission,’ in Ukraine

Photo: Wikimedia Commons CC (Fair Use)

During an airborne press conference on Sunday, Pope Francis disclosed the existence of a secret peace initiative aimed at resolving the war in Ukraine, although he did not provide specific details.

He also expressed the Vatican’s willingness to assist in facilitating the repatriation of Ukrainian children who were taken to Russia during the conflict, the Associated Press reported.

Francis stated that he is prepared to contribute in any way possible, but clarified that the ongoing mission has not been made public yet.

He assured that once it becomes public, he will share more information about it.

When questioned about whether he discussed peace efforts during his recent meetings with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Hungary, Francis did not provide any specifics.

The deportation of Ukrainian children has been a matter of concern since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, as reported by the AP.

The Holy See, according to Francis, has already played a role in mediating certain prisoner exchanges and is committed to doing everything within its capacity to reunite families, emphasizing its dedication to assisting in every humanly possible way.

Written by staff