350 Gaza rockets shot at Israel

Photo: Reuters (Fair Use)

On Wednesday, Egypt continued its mediation efforts to establish a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), aiming to bring an end to Operation Shield and Arrow.

Despite ongoing rocket barrages from the PIJ towards cities in southern Israel and the Tel Aviv area, the ceasefire discussions persisted, Jerusalem Post reported.

In a statement to the media, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized that the campaign was not yet concluded, asserting that Israel remains vigilant and capable of identifying and countering the terrorists and their sponsors.

He emphasized that they have no place to hide from Israeli security forces.

However, a senior diplomatic source revealed that Israel is prepared for a ceasefire, having accomplished its objectives in Gaza.

The readiness for a ceasefire is contingent upon concrete actions, with the evaluation based on tangible outcomes rather than mere verbal assurances.

Multiple sources, including The Jerusalem Post, have verified the reports that Egypt has engaged in communication with Israel regarding the PIJ’s expressed willingness to pursue a ceasefire.

These developments come in the wake of a series of intense exchanges, involving more than 100 IDF strikes and over 300 rocket attacks primarily carried out by the PIJ in Gaza.

Written by staff