FBI declines GOP subpoena on Biden ‘alleged criminal scheme’

Photo: The Hill (Fair Use)

The FBI has declined to immediately provide congressional Republicans with a document that lawmakers claim contains details of an “alleged criminal scheme” involving President Biden and a foreign national.

This move disregarded the Wednesday deadline set by House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) to produce the unsubstantiated information that had been subpoenaed, The Hill has reported.

In response to the subpoena, Christopher Dunham, the FBI’s acting assistant director for congressional affairs, stated in a letter that the bureau is committed to initiating the process of accommodation as mandated by the Constitution.

The letter further mentioned that the FBI would be open to coordinating with the committee’s staff to discuss how they can address the request without compromising their obligations related to law enforcement and national security.

In the obtained letter, Dunham stated that the Justice Department policy imposes strict limitations on the disclosure of confidential human source information outside of the FBI.

He conveyed this information in response to the subpoena from the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

In a subsequent statement, Comer expressed his intention to pursue further action to ensure compliance with the subpoena, setting the stage for potential conflicts over the production of the document.

According to Comer, the FBI’s response indicates that the requested unclassified record exists, but the bureau is refusing to provide it to the committee, as reported by The Hill.

He emphasized that the committee not only requested the document but also sought information about the FBI’s actions to investigate the allegations.

Comer criticized the FBI for adopting a stance that implies “trust, but you aren’t allowed to verify,” deeming it unacceptable.

Last week, Comer and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) stated that a whistleblower had provided them with information regarding a purported “alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national in relation to the exchange of money for policy decisions.”

They did not disclose further details about the allegations in their letter, and Grassley clarified in other interviews that Republicans were uncertain about the veracity of the claims.

Instead of initially requesting voluntary cooperation from the FBI, Comer promptly issued the subpoena for the document.

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