Top White House official meets key Beijing diplomat amid signs of easing US-China tensions

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

White House national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, and senior Chinese foreign policy adviser, Wang Yi, engaged in talks in Vienna this week, signaling a potential easing of tensions between the world’s largest economies.

The high-level meeting, which occurred on Wednesday and Thursday, was not publicly announced by either Washington or Beijing, the Associated Press reported.

The White House described the discussions as “candid” and “constructive.”

Against the backdrop of an escalating political and military rivalry between China and the United States, concerns have emerged among American officials and analysts regarding the importance of reliable crisis communication.

They fear that a lack thereof could lead to minor conflicts escalating into larger hostilities. The ability to communicate effectively with the former Soviet Union during the Cold War, for instance, played a pivotal role in preventing a nuclear exchange.

During their talks, Sullivan and Wang addressed various significant issues in the U.S.-China relationship, including Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the situation in Taiwan, and other key matters, as stated in the White House’s official statement.

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