4 teens charged in fatal shooting of Chicago police Officer

Photo: Chicago Police Department (Fair Use)

Four suspects accused of the shooting death of Chicago Police Officer Areanah Preston have been ordered to be held without bail on charges of murder and other offenses.

The charges are connected to a crime spree that involved five additional alleged robberies within a two-hour period, Fox News reported.

Officer Preston, 24, was fatally shot outside her residence on the South Side after completing a night shift, as reported by the police.

According to prosecutors in court on Wednesday, the string of robberies, including Preston’s murder, began because one of the suspects claimed to “need money for a barbecue.”

The individuals facing charges in Preston’s death include Trevell Breeland, 19; Joseph Brooks, 19; Jakwon Buchanan, 18; and an unnamed 16-year-old juvenile. Their charges encompass murder and robbery, among others.

In addition to Preston’s case, the suspects have also been charged in connection with five other armed robberies that occurred on the same evening, as well as a carjacking.

Trevell Breeland faces an additional charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Prosecutors revealed that all four suspects have extensive criminal records and lack employment or completed high school education.

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