Ukraine says its counteroffensive now delayed; Britain says it’s sent cruise missiles to Kyiv

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in a broadcasted statement on Thursday, revealed that Ukraine is postponing its anticipated counteroffensive against Russia’s occupying forces due to a lack of sufficient Western weaponry. The primary concern is to avoid excessive casualties while achieving success on the battlefield.

During an interview with European broadcasters, Zelenskyy’s remarks were aired shortly before Britain announced that it had dispatched air-launched cruise missiles to Ukraine, the Associated Press reported.

These missiles would enable Ukrainian pilots to strike targets deep behind the front line, extending their operational range beyond what was previously possible with their existing arsenal.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russia’s ongoing invasion, which has lasted for over 14 months, had been anticipated with the arrival of spring.

Zelenskyy stated that “we can move forward and achieve success,” as reported by the BBC. However, he emphasized that the potential loss of lives in such an operation would be unacceptable.

Zelenskyy emphasized the need for additional time, stating, “So we need to wait. We still need a bit more time.” He also highlighted that not all the necessary equipment has arrived yet.

Throughout the past few months, analysts and Ukrainian officials have hinted at an imminent Ukrainian response as the weather improves, speculating on various possible dates for its initiation.

Zelenskyy’s statements may be aimed at keeping the Russians guessing, as both sides face challenges in the supply of ammunition, contributing to further uncertainty, as reported by the AP.

In preparation for a future assault, Ukraine is receiving Western training and advanced weaponry for its troops.

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