Fire at New Zealand hostel kills at least 6 people

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

During the night, a devastating fire engulfed a hostel in the capital city of New Zealand, resulting in the tragic loss of at least six lives and compelling numerous individuals to hastily evacuate the four-story building in their sleepwear.

The fire chief, expressing his profound distress, described the incident as his “worst nightmare.”

As of now, fifty-two individuals from the Loafers Lodge hostel in Wellington have been located and identified, but firefighters continue to search for others, according to Nick Pyatt, the District Manager of Wellington Fire and Emergency, the Associated Press has reported.

The emergency call reporting the fire was received around 12:30 a.m.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, in an interview with the AM morning news program, acknowledged that six fatalities had been officially confirmed and cautioned that the number could potentially increase.

The police have not provided an exact count of the deceased, although they believe the total number of fatalities is less than ten.

Hipkins further informed that the current state of the building does not permit the police to enter safely, and authorities anticipate that it may take some time to ascertain the final tally of casualties.

Written by staff