Rains in drought-struck northern Italy kill 8, cancel Formula One Grand Prix

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

In a region of northern Italy that has been grappling with severe drought, an extraordinary downpour on Wednesday caused rivers to overflow, resulting in the tragic loss of at least eight lives.

The catastrophic situation prompted the evacuation of thousands of individuals and highlighted the urgent need for Italy to implement a national strategy to combat flooding induced by climate change.

The relentless rainfall also led to the cancellation of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix scheduled for this weekend in Formula One, the Associated Press reported.

The decision was made to avoid placing additional strain on emergency crews, who were already stretched thin while responding to the extensive damage caused by mudslides, which wreaked havoc on infrastructure and homes in the region.

The torrential rains and subsequent flooding were not confined to Italy alone. Across a wide expanse of northern Italy and the Balkans, reports emerged of “apocalyptic” floods, landslides, and mass evacuations in countries such as Croatia, Bosnia, and Slovenia.

Irene Priolo, the deputy governor of Emilia-Romagna, sadly confirmed the loss of eight lives, with others still unaccounted for. The devastating floods necessitated the evacuation of over 10,000 people in the affected areas.

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