Meet Spacetop, a new laptop with no screen

Photo: Sightful (Fair Use)

At first glance, the Spacetop appears distinctively different from traditional clamshell laptops. Rather than folding flat, it takes on a rubberized, square-shaped form, enclosed within a protective cover reminiscent of those found on devices like the Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle.

Unveiling the cover unveils the magic of the Spacetop—a pair of slim, connected augmented reality glasses occupying the position where the laptop’s screen would typically reside.

In essence, the Sightful Spacetop caters to business travelers seeking a laptop with a massive and private “display” that remains hidden from others’ view, PC World reported.

When you put on the glasses, an expansive and curved virtual monitor materializes before your eyes, extending above, below, and to the sides.

You have the ability to pin and resize various applications, such as Gmail, YouTube, Word, or Microsoft Teams.

The Spacetop is a device that can be used during plane flights, in business or airport lounges (likewise), or even in conference rooms where a larger screen is desired.

Written by staff