Montana governor bans TikTok

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte took a significant step on Wednesday by signing a bill that effectively prohibits the use of TikTok within the state.

In a tweet, Gianforte stated that the ban on TikTok in Montana aims to safeguard the personal and private data of Montanans from the Chinese Communist Party. With this action, Montana becomes the first state to officially outlaw the popular social media platform.

This move has sparked controversy as it represents the most extensive measure taken by a state government to restrict TikTok due to perceived security concerns, CNN reported.

It aligns with the growing calls from certain federal lawmakers for a nationwide ban on TikTok. However, it is anticipated that legal challenges will arise to contest the validity of this law.

Starting from January, a new bill will be enforced in Montana that directly targets TikTok, effectively banning the app from operating within the state.

The legislation, known as SB419, gained approval from Montana’s House of Representatives last month with a 54-43 vote before reaching Governor Gianforte for his final decision.

Under the law, violators, including app stores that facilitate the availability of TikTok, may face substantial fines of $10,000 per day. In response to this development, TikTok has expressed its intention to advocate for the rights of its users in Montana.

As the effective date approaches, the implementation and potential legal challenges surrounding the ban will be closely monitored.

Written by staff