Archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old receipt carved in stone in Jerusalem

Photo: Jam Press/Eliyahu Yanai (Fair Use)

In a recent excavation in Jerusalem, Israeli archaeologists unearthed a fascinating find—a 2,000-year-old receipt intricately carved into a chalkstone slab.

The Israel Antiquities Authority shared the details of this discovery in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

It seems that even in ancient times, transactions were etched into stone, quite literally, the New York Post reported.

Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu, the Minister of Heritage at the Israel Antiquities Authority, described the finding as a “remarkable discovery” that offers insights into another aspect of Jewish life in the city from two millennia ago.

The receipt was uncovered by the IAA on the Pilgrimage Road of the City of David, a renowned and significant thoroughfare within Jerusalem.

Today, this road is part of the Jerusalem Walls National Park, preserving its historical importance.

Written by staff