Australia: Meteoroid fireball blazes across night sky

Photo: Cairns Airport via Storyful (Fair Use)

The quest is underway to locate fragments of a meteor that crashed near Cairns, Australia, on Saturday night.

As the meteoroid streaked through the atmosphere, it emitted a mesmerizing neon-green glow, illuminating the sky and startling onlookers.

The remarkable celestial phenomenon was captured on a security camera at Cairns Airport, and the footage quickly gained viral attention, the New York Post reported.

“Last night, we witnessed some truly incredible activity in our skies,” the airport posted on Facebook alongside the awe-inspiring video.

The clip has captivated approximately 45,000 space enthusiasts who are part of the Facebook group Australian Meteor Reports. Several individuals from the group are reportedly embarking on a search for remnants of the meteoroid.

Experts believe that the meteorite likely landed in the vicinity of Croydon, a small town located approximately 250 miles from Cairns.

“There are indications that people might be coming to search for it,” shared Croydon Shire Mayor Trevor Pickering with ABC Australia. “There could be fragments scattered around somewhere.”

“While finding the exact site would be challenging, I would be interested in deploying a helicopter to conduct an aerial survey,” he added, expressing his enthusiasm for a thorough exploration.

Written by staff