Millionaire’s elaborate jail escape plan foiled, Florida sheriff says

Photo: Indian River County Sheriff’s Office (Fair Use)

During a news conference, Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers revealed that law enforcement had successfully thwarted the escape plan of an elderly businessman from a Florida jail.

The businessman, John Manchec, 78, had previously fled to France in an attempt to evade child pornography charges, and authorities received a tip from outside the jail that led to a two-month investigation, the Associated Press has reported.

Sheriff Flowers explained the details of the plan, stating, “Essentially, the plan comes down to this: these individuals on the outside would wait for Manchec to have a doctor’s visit, during which time they would neutralize our corrections staff while he is at the medical facility.”

According to Sheriff Flowers, the plan involved Manchec’s employees pepper-spraying the prison guards and escorting him to his private plane located in the nearby area of Fort Pierce.

The intention was for Manchec to fly back to France using his private aircraft.

Manchec, described as a wealthy individual with both U.S. and French citizenship, faced child pornography charges that led to his initial flight from the United States.

However, authorities successfully intervened and prevented his escape plan from being executed.

Written by staff