Images Claim To Show American Vehicles Used In Raid Into Russia

Photo: Twitter (Fair Use)

When questioned about the circulating social media images claiming that U.S.-made armored vehicles were captured in Russia during a recent cross-border incursion, the Pentagon responded by stating that it had not authorized the transfer of equipment to any “paramilitary organizations outside the Ukrainian Armed Forces” and had not received any such requests from Kyiv.

Although images suggesting the use of U.S.-donated vehicles by two pro-Ukrainian Russian partisan groups, namely the Freedom For Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps, during the cross-border attack on Russia have surfaced on social media, we cannot independently verify the veracity of those claims.

However, the Oryx open-source weapons tracking group, which only reports on equipment it has visually confirmed, states that the Russians managed to capture two International M1224 MaxxPro MRAPs, along with two M1151 HMMWVs, while one M1152 HMMWV was damaged and subsequently seized, The Drive reported.

The Ukraine Weapons Tracker, an open-source investigations group, concurs with this assessment.

Written by staff