Uganda ends school year early as it tries to contain growing Ebola outbreak

The Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports has officially ordered schools across the country to end the school year early in order to prevent the further spread of Ebola among the nations schoolchildren.

  • NPR – The growing outbreak has prompted Uganda’s minister of education and first lady, Janet Kataha Museveni, to shorten the third and final school term for the year by two weeks, now officially ending on Nov. 25.
  • AL- JAZEERA – Schools across Uganda will close two weeks before the scheduled end of term after 23 Ebola cases were confirmed among pupils, including eight children who died.
  • UC HEALTH – An expanding Ebola outbreak in Uganda has prompted U.S. officials to be on guard against the deadly virus and to screen some people arriving from Africa.
  • ABC NEWS – – As of Monday, the country had recorded a total of 135 confirmed cases and 53 deaths, according to the Health Ministry.