North Korea holds rare meeting on farming amid food shortage

State media reported on Monday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un commenced a significant political conference focused on agriculture, coinciding with external analyses indicating that the country is experiencing a severe food shortage, the Associated Press reported.

Due to the pandemic’s impact on farming and imports from China, South Korean experts have calculated that North Korea is currently lacking approximately 1 million tons of grain, which represents 20 percent of its yearly requirements.

Although there have been unverified accounts of North Koreans succumbing to starvation, observers have not observed any evidence of widespread deaths or famine in the country.

According to the official Korean Central News Agency, senior officials of the ruling Workers’ Party began a high-level meeting on Sunday to review the progress made in achieving the state’s objectives for the “new era’s rural revolution” in the previous year.

The report said that the meeting of the party’s Central Committee will identify “immediate, important” tasks on agricultural issues and “urgent tasks arising at the present stage of the national economic development,” the AP reported.

Written by staff