Majority Disapprove of Federal Government’s Handling of Ohio Derailment

A whopping 62 percent of likely voters rate the federal government’s handling of the Ohio train derailment as fair (16 percent) to poor (46 percent). Meanwhile, only 30 percent rank the federal government’s response as “excellent” (10 percent) or “good” (20 percent).

Thankfully, Rasmussen directly asked about the “federal government” instead of just the “government” because this was a federal government boondoggle from A-Z.

When these 1,000 likely voters were asked if the EPA should be trusted with their declaration that the drinking water near the site of the derailment and toxic spill is safe, only 23 percent agreed that the water was “very safe” (nine percent) or “somewhat safe” (14 percent).

Meanwhile, a whopping 71 percent said they believe the drinking water in East Palestine, Ohio, is “not very safe” (24 percent) or “not at all safe” (47 percent).