Man arrested after targeting Michigan attorney general in plot to kill Jewish elected officials

A Michigan man was arrested by the FBI after officials say he targeted the state’s attorney general as part of a larger plot to injure or kill locally elected Jewish officials.

Jack Eugene Carpenter was arrested in mid-February after threatening to kill elected officials online for their COVID-19 policies, according to tweets he posted earlier this year. Carpenter specifically criticized the vaccine mandate imposed at the University of Michigan, where Carpenter previously worked, suggesting the vaccine was developed by Jewish people as a way to control the world’s population.

“Any Jewish person holding a public office on my land after that time is subject to immediate punishment for their participation in an unlawful war of aggression using a biological weapon against me,” he tweeted, according to the FBI affidavit.

Carpenter also warned law enforcement officials not to thwart his plans, threatening to retaliate with “deadly force.”